No.8 贅沢なグミ コロロ Richest gummy I have ever had!! Cololo

gummy review

夢のような果汁100%!? The gummy made of pure fruit juice!?

Rintoです! 先日、アルバイト先に、ある「グミ」を持っていると…. 「そのグミ最高だよね!」とか「私はこうやって食べる!」など色々な言葉をかけていただき、やっぱりこのグミの人気の高さを再確認しました。さて今日紹介するグミは、そう!コロロのマスカット味ですね!

hey, this is Rinto. Few days ago, when I was at store where I was working as part-time job, my colleagues looked at a gummy I have and said” absolutely amazing gummy!!”  I reconfirmed that this gummy is famous as delicious gummy…. Alright! today I am gonna introduce COLOLO-Muscat!!



Previous post about Cololo mango. Basic information is also in this page. Please check it out!!

No.2 コロロ マンゴー味 Cololo mango

革新的なグミ。Innovative and unique gummy.

I really wanna emphasize that this gummy is made of pure 100% fruit juice.
Which means that fruits get squeezed and become gummy.  In a sense… It is Revolution.  Amazing gummy. I used to love hard texture gummies. My favorite taste is like sour, chewy, hard.
But, after I encountered COLOLO, my thought is totally changed . Just have it, and you know what I mean. I swear that you never regret to have it.

冷やすとさらに美味しい。make it colder, yummier.





I heard from colleague that putting COLOLO into fridge, which make it much yummier!              And I did it…… yeah! I reckon it becomes much yummier than the way we usually have.       COLOLO becomes rich taste….                                                                                                      besides that, COLOLO websites, there are several arrange recipes, it is really interesting. URL is below.

【公式】UHA味覚糖『コロロ』 - ちょっとひと工夫♪コロロレシピ
UHA味覚糖『コロロ』 ちょっとひと工夫♪ コロロレシピ 「コロロ」の果実感を活かしたお料理、スイーツのレシピを紹介していきます!!

終わりに/ Sum up


That’s all for today. This is second review of Cololo, but I really wanna share that how yummy the COLOLO when I make it cold. Please do it!! SOOOOO, YUMMY!! okay! Have a nice day.


P.S コロロの画像ですが、早く食べたくて、写真撮る前に開けてしました笑 ごめんなさい笑

The picture of COLOLO, the package was already ripped, caz I can’t wait to have it, so I opened it before I took a picture.. sorry it looks miserable hahaha


2018.8.22 Rinto

gummy review