No.7 おすすめグミ。ピュアラル。Recommended Japanese gummy

gummy review

美味しい果汁グミって? What’s yummy fruit-based gummy!?



fruit-based gummy makes us happy. We can enjoy soft and fruit taste. I am gonna introduce one of the fruit-based gummies, called “PURERAL” gummy.

柔らかく・果汁感に溢れる優しいグミ。                                            Soft and fruit juice gummy.



PURERAL gummy. I bought two different favors, grape and lemon. Basic information is below!!


商品名/ Name of product:ピュアラルグミ/ PURERAL gummy

販売元/ Made by: カバヤ/ KABAYA

価格/ Price: 108円/108yen


ちなみにピュアラルという商品名の由来は、Pure and Natural から来ています。果実のおいしさが詰まったグミになっているみたいですね!

For your information, some of you already realized that the name of product “PURERAL” comes from “Pure”+”Natural”. You can enjoy the taste of Pure and natural taste of fruit.

外はフワフワ、中はプルプルの新食感2層グミ。                             Two different layers make new texture, soft and jiggly.


Remarkable feature is two layers. Combination of soft and jiggly makes new texture of gummy.

I feel like having melting gummy, and inside of it, there is a jiggly gummy. nnnn! yummy!!



With fruit juice, they use grapes grown in Japan, with the other taste, lemon, they used lemons grown at Sicily in Italy.


中身はこんな感じ!確かに2層になってる! This is how it looks like! ohhhh, 2 layers!!


最後に/sum up


hopefully, this page will have you out to find yummy gummy!! Alright, see you soon! Take care!


2018.8.20 Rinto

gummy review