NO.5 大人のふーせんの実ガムって?/ New style of bubble gum!

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hey, good morning!! how are you today?? There is Obon holiday, so you may go somewhere around! ( In Japan, there is Japanese traditional holiday season called OBON. originally, it is a time when people welcome their ancestors souls on 13th August and send them back on 16th. So, people tend to go hometown or ancestor’s grave to pray, but now, people often travel around. It becomes long holidays right now.)



Opps, it becomes long intro on this page, but I am gonna introduce this today!!!




This product called Otona no Fusen-no-mi-gum. (when translating in to English automatically, it become “bubble gum for rich adult”, I guess.) As last time, some of guys say ” hey! there is no-gummy again!” but, calm down. This product is made of bubble-gum and gummy!!! hahaha

まずは基本的な情報から!Basic information is below.


•商品名/Name of product:大人のフーセン実ガム/ Fusen-no-mi bubble gum for adult

•販売元/Made by:LOTTE/ LOTTE

•値段/Price:160円ぐらい?/ about 160yen


中身はこんな感じ!It looks like this!


Surprisingly, There is a lemon gummy inside of the soda bubble gum! collaboration between gum and gummy is really interesting and new!



One of the famous Japanese lemon brands is used in this product, which is called SETOUCHI lemon, it contains 3 percent of lemon juice. On the other hand, I was wondering that gummy will be disappeared when I keep on chewing. However, it doesn’t, and I could find and enjoy the lemon gummy.



Gummy is not big at all, but tiny and small. most part is made of gum.



I don’t recommend this product to those who like hard texture like SOURS, but I recommend to those who like bubble gum or soft texture. Please try it!!



That’s all for today. have a great weekend and take care.


P.S The reason why it is called Fusen-no-mi bubble gum for adult, because there is Fusen-no-mi bubble gum. lol. I used to have it when my childhood. LOTTE tries to attracts customers by producing Fusen-no-mi bubble gum for adult! If you haven’t tried it, please try it. 


Can you see it? right side of this picture, you can see two small containers, that’s FUSEN-no-mi!!



2018.8.18 Rinto










gummy review