No.4 忍者グミってなんだ/ What’s Ninja gummy??

gummy review


Good morning!! It is really nice weather today! I feel it is not summer, but it gradually changes to Autumn.



Today’s gummy is Ninja gummy!! package says “to satisfy contemporary ninja’s appease” . I don’t know I translate into English from Japanese correctly, but ninja written on package looks so cute. Basic information is below.




•Name of product : Ninja’s meal (I call it Ninja gummy though.)

•made by UHA-mikakuto

•Price: 108yen



There are several flavors in Ninja gummy, but this is grape flavor. It is used fruit juice of KYOHO GRAPE, which is one of gorgeous grape brands in Japan. (It is a bit expensive, but it is worth to try.) Which makes gummy more fruity and juicy.



Kyoho grape


plus, grape peel poeder is on top of the gummy, making the most of the original flavor of grapes.






このグミの美味しさの秘訣といったら、1)歯ごたえ 2)ジュシーな濃いぶどうの味がすることだと思います!何度もしっかり噛まなくては食べられないことから、実はパッケージに“忍者式ダイエット”と書いてあります! しっかり噛むことでお腹が満たされるってことですかね!ハードグミの中のハードの食感でした!

The secret of deliciousness are 1)Chewy  2) Rich juicy grape taste ! You have to chew and chew to have it. On the package, it says ” Ninja style Diet”, Chewing makes you become full. This gummy is really hard and chewy, so it is one of the hardest gummies, I reckon.



As I said, there are several flavors, hopefully I can review in someday.



Okay, That’s all for today. Have a nice day!


2018.8.17 Rinto



gummy review