No.3 ぷっちょボール/ Puccho-ball

gummy review


hello, everyone!! how are you doing? I got drunk so much yesterday…. and I couldn’t remember how many times I vomited lol.



anyway. let’s start review!!


今日のグミはこちら!ぷっちょボールです!!グミじゃないじゃんって思う方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんが、まあそこは目をつぶってくだいさい。笑 ちなみにぷっちょは、ソフトキャンディの中にラムネやグミが入っているおり、絶妙なハーモニーを生み出しています!!

okayyyy, today’s gummy is called Puccho-ball! I know that Somebody says that Puccho is not gummy, but soft candy….. YES! that’s true!! But, it is so delicious that I wanna share it !! Puccho is soft candy which has gummy and ramune(Fizzing candies?). These combination is sooo yummy !!





•Name of product: Puccho-ball

•made by UHA Mikakuto

•price: about 180yen



This candy’s feature is three layers (sugar coating・hard candy ・Soft candy)!!



This puccho-ball is totally different from original version of puccho. when you bite it, you can feel crunchy sugar coating at first, then texture becomes different. hard and soft candies become mixed and the texture is really chewy and gummy. If you love hard gummies, you must try Puchho-ball!! I am pretty sure you will like it and can’t stop eating lol With original version of puccho, I will review it later!


グミ好きな私ですが、このぷっちょボールが売られていると買ってしまいます。笑 グミに負けない美味しさを持っているのがぷっちょボールなので試して欲しいなって思います!!

I am really into gummy, but when I find Puccho-ball…. I often buy it. I am addicted to it lol  I am pretty sure puccho-ball is as yummy as other gummy is, so please try it!!



Even it has been only three days since I started this blog, but there are accesses from U.S and Ireland. I am soooooooo happy. I do appreciate!! okay, that’s it! see you tomorrow! take care.


2018.8.16 Rinto







gummy review