GUMMIT限定グミ コロロ! Premium Gummy GUMMIT COLOLO!!


GUMMIT限定グミって?/ What is Premium Gummy GUMMIT??




Okay, I am gonna review one of the premium gummy GUMMIT, COLOLO pear today.

but, Those who are wondering “what’s Premium gummy GUMMIT?” or ” How can we buy them?” , please click and see my previous post!!

GUMMIT限定グミはどこで買えるの?? Where can we buy GUMMIT??


果肉入りのグミがついに登場。Gummy with  flesh of fruit is on sale!!




A:Hey, Do you know that there is new gummy with flesh is on sale now?

B:What!? OMG!!

They seem to have this conversation. Yes. Finally, I could find the gummy with flesh of fruit!

We often see gummy with fruit juice, but not fruit of flesh. But, this COLOLO has flesh of fruit!!

nnnnnn!!! Sounds so yummy!! What an amazing gummy so far!

お勧めのグミ間違いなし。買うべし。Definitely recommended gummy. Buy it.



COLOLO, we can enjoy the texture of peel and soft texture. but with COLOLO pear, we also can enjoy the texture of flesh of fruit!!! You can taste pear flesh!!  I am kind of addicted to COLOLO right now lol

最後に/ Sum up


How is the first review of premium gummy, GUMMIT?

There are still three different GUMMIT gummies. Hopefully, you will like next one as well!! As you know, GUMMIT gummies are limited edition, so if you find them, how about buying it !?

That’s all for today! Have a great day!


2018.8.25 Rinto