GUMMIT限定グミはどこで買えるの?? Where can we buy GUMMIT??


GUMMMIT限定グミって何?What’s premium gummy called GUMMIT?

@press (2018), “9月3日グミの日は原宿グミジャック!” グミの日前夜祭 大型イベント原宿グミパ の優先入場受付開始 グミ・キャンディーを扱う5社と日本グミ協会が1か月に亘るグミ尽くしのイベントを発表。, <>



As you can know from the picture, There are new limited-edition gummy and existing gummy, packed into big package.

You can do taste comparison!

どこで買えるの? Where can we buy it?


Premium gummy. I googled and looked at several websites, it just says that “you can buy these gummies at some stores…”

I was just like… ohhh annoying hahaha Then I started looking for premium gummies, but I couldn’t find them even I went to convenient stores, supermarkets, and Donkey-Quixote.  But, I finally find  them at …. “OKASHINO-MACHIOKA” , which is famous snack and candy stores in Japan.

When I call to the nearest Machioka store from my house, they  responded me politely. Thanks, MACHIOKA!!

最後に/ Sum up




I wrote like, WHEREVER you go to Machioka stores, you can find premium gummies. But, this is only my guess and there is no guarantee that every single Machioka stores has it, but I reckon it may be easy to find it, caz even my nearest store, where is located in rural area in Tokyo, I could find them.

From next post, hopefully, I am gonna write reviews of these gummies!! That’s all for today! Have a great day!

2018.8.24 Rinto