No.6 おすすめグミ。激シゲキックス Recommended Japanese gummy.

gummy review

酸っぱいグミって聞いたらどのグミを思い浮かべますか?        What is the first Sour gummy that comes to you mind?


Hello!! How are you today?? as you saw the title, “what is the first sour gummy that comes to your mind? nnnn. let me think… that’s got to be SHIGEKIKKUSU and…. SHIGEKIKKUSU…. yes. when you limit the genre “gummy” , it is difficult to find it except SHIGEKIKKUSU, which I am gonna review to day!! okay, Let’s go!!!

激シゲキックス/ Super sour gummy called SHIGEKIKKSU

今日紹介するグミはこちら!This is today’s gummy!!


食べたことがあるなら、見ているだけで口が酸っぱくなりますよね!笑 基本的な情報は下に!

Those who have had this gummy, you mouth may feel sour, don’t you? haha Basic information is below.


商品名/ Name of product:激シゲキックス/ Super Sour SHIGEKKISU

販売元/ Made by: UHA味覚糖/ UHA-Mikakuto

価格/ Price: 108円/108yen


I have no confidence at all with translating the name of the product… sorry about that lol  For your information, 「激」in Japanese means 「Super, more and more, extra」in English. So, this gummy becomes extra sour gummy compare to original version.


商品レビュー/ Review



Back side of the package, it says ” maximum of Sour” “Sours which can make you wake up”.  When I taste it, my face went to pieces with sour gummy lol ( My face looks like it as usual, btw hahahah)

表面はこんな感じ。this is what it looks like.


It looks as same as printed on the package. The sour powder is covering the gummy, which makes super and extra sour!! Plus, gummy is so hard to bite off at one time, so it can’t be avoided to taste   super sour powder hahaha. The moment when you put it into your month, it is the sourest moment   and gradually mixed with hard gummy. Who love sour taste, must try it!!  I think rather than enjoy the texture of this gummy, enjoy the taste of sour!!

終わりに/  Sum up



That’s all for today! If you try eating it once, you will become addicted.  looking forward to new taste!!  okay! See you next time, have a great day.


2018.8.20 Rinto



gummy review