No.1 宝石SOURS ジュエルソーダ味  Taste of jewelry-soda!!

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how are you doing? This is Rinto.



sorry, I was late. I got part-time job today and I have finished my dinner even it is already 1am in Japan lol



Allright!! let’s start reviewing from this gummy! basic production information is below.

•商品名 : 宝石SOURSジュエルソーダ味



•Name of Product : SOURS jewelry-soda

•Made by NOBEL

•Price 108yen



Whenever you drop by convenient stores, you can find SOURS. But I reckon it is rare to find this taste. As you feel weird of the name of product, please be patient lol. I don’t know the taste of jewerly-soda either hahaha.



This gummy’s remarkable feature is texture and appearance freshness!! Look at the picture below.



There is a beautiful colored sugar on the soda-taste gummy on top! You can enjoy two different kind of texture.  One is crunchy, which is made by small colored sugar, the other one is hard gummy texture, which is original texture of SOURS. It also looks cure, isn’t it!?



Of course it tastes good. It is interesting gummy and it is worth a try !!



Hopefully, you will like it!! See you tomorrow! take care!


2018.8.14 Rinto








gummy review